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Delivery rate, that will be charged on your invoice, includes packing costs and an "all risk" insurance that will refund you the maximum compensation of € 30,00 per order.
By request we will provide you an extra insurance, at the price of € 10,00 that will refund you the goods value up to € 1000,00.
For a coverage exceeding € 1000,00 the charge will be 1,5% of goods value.
You can collect your purchase at our warehouse; in that case we will charge you only the price of the goods.
The invoice will be sent you with the goods.

Delivery costs will be charged to you even if you'll refuse the goods delivered after a proper order.
For deliveries to italian  islands (excluding Sicilia and Sardegna) we'll charge an extra of € 21,00.
Delivery costs are intended for italian destinations, please contact our office for further informations regarding shipments to the rest of the world.



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